Why Noni Fruit for Hair?

Noni Fruit or Morinda Citrifolia better known as the “Miracle Fruit” is found in volcanic rich fertile lands, especially in the pacific island where volcanic lava has flown. The main reason why the Noni Fruit is so sought after is because of the potent compound and minerals found in the Noni Fruit.

The Noni Fruit is one of those few fruits which is bitter and sour to taste, but can be consumed as well as applied externally to treat wounds; especially diabetic wounds, treat acne, treat scalp issues and many more. These attributes of the Noni Fruit makes it the most wanted as well as the most needed fruit extracts in beauty care products around the world.

Noni Fruit Juice for Hair Care

The Noni Juice can be directly applied to hair to nurture hair growth, prevent and repair damage, and even stop hair fall. The first of a few steps would be to get a small quantity of extracts from the Noni Fruit.

Here’s how you can do it.

Take a few un-ripened fruits (2 at minimum) and let it ripen until the bright green color of the fruit turns translucent. Now, once it is ripe – giving off a putrid smell, grind the Noni Fruit without removing the seeds into a fine coarse paste adding just a little cold water. After blending, filter the paste to remove the seeds and skin remains.

There are two ways to apply this extract

  1. Directly apply it to hair and massage it on well for 5 – mins. Let it rest for another 20 – 30 mins and wash it off with a herbal shampoo or mild shampoo
  2. Mix the extract with Coconut oil and massage it onto hair for 5 – mins gently and let it rest for another 30 – mins. Rinse it off with either herbal shampoo or a mild shampoo

Now, for better results try BSY Noni Fruit Juice extract which is extracted from 60 -70 Tahitian Noni fruits from the pacific islands.

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How does the Noni Fruit help in Hair Care?

Being rich in compounds like Glycerol and butyric acid aids to maintain healthy hair. Fatty acid present in the fruit helps to strengthen the hair follicles from the roots of hair. Drinking Noni juice regularly can also help in promoting hair growth and control hair fall.

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