Top 3 – Noni Fruit daily essentials 2021

Welcome to this series about the Top most necessary Noni Fruit Do-it-yourself essentials. Here in this article we will look at a very simple but unique Noni detox smoothie, a very simple Noni extract revitalizer and a unique Noni extract hair mask.

Noni Fruit or better known as the “Miracle Fruit” is a one kind fruit created by nature. It is mostly found in volcanic fertile lands. It often grows over areas where volcanic lava once flowed. The Noni fruit is said to absorb all the nutrients in the fertile soil making it a powerhouse fruit. BSY Noni Fruit Extract is made from the Tahitian Noni Fruit in the pacific which is one of the most sought after Noni Fruit varieties in the whole world.

The Noni Fruit has been used in ancient medicine – especially in beauty care making it a most wanted and widely used fruit in traditional medicine and beauty care predominantly in the Pacific and Asia.

BSY’s beauty care product line up uses only Tahitian Noni fruit extracts as the main ingredient in our products.

This article is all the 5 most essential daily uses of the Noni Fruit extract in 2021

  1. Noni Detox Smoothie
    1. Ingredients
      1. Kale or Spinach
      2. Lettuce (Romaine)
      3. Noni Fruit
      4. Banana
      5. Lemon
      6. Green Apple
      7. Green Pear
      8. Celery
      9. Parsley or Coriander
      10. Mint
    2. Steps:
      1. Take 100gms of Kale or Spinach
      2. 50gms of Lettuce (Romaine)
      3. ½ -Noni Fruit
      4. 1 – Banana
      5. 2 – Tsp. of Lemon Juice
      6. 1 – Green Apple
      7. 1 – Green Pear
      8. 1 Stem of Celery
      9. A handful of Parsley or Coriander and Mint
      10. Blend all of these ingredients together adding enough water to make a smoothie.
      11. Do not strain cause this smoothie is super rich in fibre and this is what helps to get your detox done right.
      12. Instead of Noni Fruit we found Noni Fruit extracts to work better and so we used just a few drops of BSY Noni Fruit Juice Extract.
  2. A Simple Revitalizer to start your day
    1. Ingredients
      1. Warm Water 200ml
      2. 4 – Drop of Noni Juice Extract
    2. Steps
      1. Take 200ml of warm water 
      2. Add 4 – Drops of Noni Fruit Extract. Here we used BSY Noni fruit juice extract which is made from Top Quality, Best type of Tahitian Noni Fruits in the world and saw amazing results
      3. Take each morning on an empty stomach for great results.
  3. A multi combinational hair mask
    1. Ingredients
      1. Olive Oil
      2. Noni Juice Extract
      3. Small Onions
      4. Peppercorn
      5. Honey
      6. Fenugreek Seeds
    2. Steps
      1. Soak 10gm of each Peppercorn and Fenugreek seed overnight
      2. Grind them into a fine paste
      3. Combine Olive oil and honey and mix well
      4. Grind Small onions into a fine paste
      5. Mix all of the ingredients together adding just ¼ Tsp. of Noni Fruit Extract. We used BSY Noni Fruit juice Extract and saw great results
      6. Apply the mask onto hair and massage for at least 5 – minutes straight.
      7. Leave it on for another 20 – minutes
      8. After 20 – minutes wash it off with a herbal wash or mild shampoo.
      9. Naturally dry your hair. Avoid blow drying your hair.

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