Why Noni Fruit – The “Miracle Fruit”

Noni Fruit also-known-as the "Miracle Fruit" is truly a wonder of nature. A fruit which is green, ugly and smelly can deliver an impact unimaginable. From Anti-Ageing, Anti-Hair Fall, glowing skin, rejuvenating the metabolism and much much more the Noni Fruit is something the pacific islanders call the "elixir of Life".

Tahitian Islands in the pacific are highly fertile due the rich deposits of volcanic minerals, produces some the world’s most highly desired Noni Fruits. The Noni Fruits are said to absorb the goodness of the fertility of the soil and enrich itself to a great extent. Hence, named the Tahitian Noni is the most highly sought after fruit in the world. With a rich presence of Anti-oxidants the Noni fruit aids in slowing down the ageing process of our cells and skin tissue. The nutrients present in the Noni Fruit keeps our skin moisturized ensuring good elasticity of our skin tissue slowing down the process of wrinkling.

Noni Fruit

What makes Noni so special in a Hair Color Shampoo?

BSY Noni Fruit Hair Color Shampoo

The Noni Fruit has an ability to stain and stay persistent for a long period. Hence, making it the center of our line of Hair Care Products. The fruit doesn’t just stain, but repairs damage and prevents damage. This wonderful fruit can be consumed as well as applied externally on skin(check out a few recipes and beauty tips).

We use a highly concentrated Noni Fruit extract in our line of Hair Care products. Just 10ml of concentrated extract is extracted from more than 70 fruits making it one of the most potent and concentrated among all.

One among our best selling product which is also “Made in India” is our Hair Color Shampoo which comprises of the Noni Fruit Extract that is so near and dear to us. Our Hair Color Shampoo – BSY Noni Fruit Hair Color Shampoo is not edible, as contains other chemicals that a hair color should contain, but is 100% FREE of AMMONIA.

We bring 3 prime products to the table

  • 1. BSY Noni Fruit Black Hair Color Shampoo(Non-Edible)
  • 2. BSY Noni Fruit Brown Hair Color Shampoo (Non-Edible) and 3. Noni Fruit Extracts Juice(Edible). These are one of the best selling products in India to date. Highly affordable, high quality and really great results. Check out our Client Testimonials here!

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