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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 – Litre | Cold Extracted


Priis Extra Virgin Olive Oil : The perfect choice for your daily needs and a healthy replacement over your regular cooking oil. Priis Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oil is packed with essential nutrient’s and vitamins that keeps you healthy. The hand-picked olives are superior in quality which gives you the mesmerizing taste and the captivating aroma which sets a high standard for your cooking and exceptional taste. Why wait when you can grab your Priis Extra Virgin Olive Oil Today, Get your family to the new healthy lifestyle and start a fresh today.

  • Priis Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Pressed Olive Oil, 1 Liter PET Bottle
  • Hand picked superior quality olives from Spain : The superior hand picked olives gives you the perfect taste and a wonderful aroma for a healthy cooking.
  • Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil : Priis Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Cold Pressed and the first extracted oil with the flavor filled Spanish olives
  • Rich in Essential Vitamins : Priis Extra Virgin Olive Oil is packed with essential vitamins that require for healthy diet
  • Cooking : Your perfect replacement on your regular Oil for Sautéing & Topping
  • No Cholesterol & Low Saturated Fat : The Priis Extra Virgin Olive Oil has No cholesterol which makes it stands out from all the regular staple cooking oil also has very low content of Saturated Fat.
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Why Olive Oil?

Benefits of Olives

Olive Oil the most oldest of oils used by us humans. Very low in saturated fat and rich in essential nutrients, Olive oil is the most sought after oil varieties in the whole world. Almost all countries in the northern hemisphere use Olive oil daily in their homes. Known have originated from the Middle east the main ingredient in making their daily meals.

Very good for Hair and Skin. Olive oil can be used externally to be massaged onto Hair and Skin. Repeated usage of Olive oil have shown the health of Hair increase drastically and improves the health of Skin to glowing skin.

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